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When i return...

hope i can make up..

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haaay.... it feels like it had been years...well technically it really's been over a year since i posted something in this site...la lng i just dont feel like writing anything the previous times but now....i'm back and i have stories to tell..let's start off with the thought that there will be a couple of different stories every week, ill try real hard and i believe i will be posting much here in Ninkasi's than the other extension. i just feel like the entries are supposed to be under here, but whichever i will be writing more...


let's call it the...

Elixir of the Beach

750ml vodka
2 litro pack of apple juice
1L water
1L clear soda

this has been an old concoction but during the time while i was developing it i don't have people to try it so i don't get feedbacks right away and can't develop it well but after a year i'm confident that you are going to enjoy it

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s u i c i d e

my love...


i've recently started a trend within my...self
i know it sounds crazy but eventually i know people in the house will start doing it too.
i finally admitted that i have weight problems. i now hate the way i look in the mirror, i'm bloating!!!
and it's alarming, because its already summer, and you know what that means, beach, boys, tan, and BIKINIS!!!
i was drunk that night and decided to go to a convenient store to buy coffee when i saw the sign...
a flyer for a 12 week diet program that you must come up with, a diet program that you think will be effective for you. i've always had the idea that if i cut my rice intake i'd definietely trim down.
so when i got home i decided on it and that morning around 7 we had breakafast, i asked AYN my room mate if she's interested in doing it with me and she did.
well it's been a week now and i wanted to maintain it. well there are instances where in you just feel breaking it not because of craving but because you're really dead hungry. so i ate a cup and that's it not nothing more.
well enough of this as i was about to present another concoction, this was introduced to me by a dear friend, dennis


1 junior Tanduay
1 litro pack iced tea/grape/orange-mango
500ml water

this is good, we had great times back then and you won't feel the pressure of being drunk as this is like PUNCH, sweet, you'd feel like having picnic rather that having drinking session, hehehe
at the same time this cost less than PhP 50.oo.

try this sometime, highly recommended !

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So many tears i've cried, so much pain inside...



How i wish icould sing this song...

Here we are, still together
We are one
So much time wasted
Playing games with love

So many tears i've cried
So much pain inside,
But baby it ain't over 'til it's over
So many years we've tried
To keep our love alive,
But baby it ain't over 'till it's over

How many times
Did we give up?
But we always worked things out
And all my doubts and fears
Kept me wondering, yeah
If i'd always, always be in love

So many tears i've cried
So much pain inside
But baby it ain't over 'til it's over
So many years we've tried
And kept our love alive
Cuz baby it ain't over 'till it's over


i'm cheating i promised to perpetually update you with things going on so i'm trying here i's sorry :'(


1 1/2 cups sweetened condensed milk
1 cup cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 cup strawberry syrup
1/2 cup tequila(your preference)

this is the mix Lee gave me. lately i've been depressed again, it's those issued back then that
has piled up, so right now i'mnot sure nor is sort of confused where this actually started.
tequila rose is normally tequila base but i like with more with vodka. the rich strawberry flavor can deceive you by taking in much without noticing that you're already drunk...
i can take much of these especially if i don't want to be confronted yet by the emotional turmoils i'm going through. some things are just too much to contain or handle, i don't want to think og them first. the issue with starky is done i wanted to have a sane relationship but it just can't be with him, he is getting married, and tha fact that it's thelife he is wishing to have just pains me i cant be that selfish and take away his dream.
now i'm down to staying alone again.
i want somebody...
i'm waiting for somebody...
i want some more tequila rose... :'(

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The Blow Job

about to take my last blow, but scared like chicken shit!!!


the blow job


this would probably be one of my favorite concoctions. let's start with this as this is how i feel right now.
this is normally served lit, waiter normally serve it flaming in a shotglass :)
it's a very generous drink i'd say, almost all of the liquor i like are present hehehehe
i had it in FUSION BAR, we were just going over the menu for some treat, i have friends back in iligan who would splurge on drinking. it was one of those nights when we would choose a concoction that we haven't tried. that time i choose BLOWJOB.as said it was served flaming, it was a blast, fine smooth and hot, it was super.
and you might be wondrin why Blow Job and what's the relevance to my state right now..
Honestly, the concoction is like me, gallant, subdued but ballistic once consumed. a glass and you're good.
i feel like ive had enough right now, feelings just overflowin and overwhelming that sometimes it becomes hard for me to contain it. Sensitiv is out, just found out that he is seeing another just last week. good Lord!!! i felt like bursting.i'm about to take my last Blow, but i just can't.
why can't i be selfish? everytime i try to be i just can't, i'm afraid, i feel guilty, even if i'm secretly happy and secretly wished for it to be. what should i do?
like me like Blow Job, containing, giving, subdued, composed, berserk mode inside..

Somebody HELP....

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beer facts

the sweet little lies unveiled and exposed :)

all seasons in one day

there are instances where in i'd like to devote a week of research on the truths about beer. but where to start and how to go about it had been one of the most challenging ideas that delayed these notes. twas yesterday when i finally found out on how to go about it. where you start looking for the truth but from the lies going around about it. here are a few...

Facts & Fiction

This page corrects common alcohol and drinking myths, with research based on facts and statistics.

Alcohol destroys brain cells.
The moderate consumption of alcohol does not destroy brain cells. In fact it is often associated with improved cognitive (mental) functioning.
White wine is a good choice for a person who wants a light drink with less alcohol.
A glass of white or red wine, a bottle of beer, and a shot of whiskey or other distilled spirits all contain equivalent amounts of alcohol and are they same to a Breathalyzer.
A standard drink is:
A 12-ounce bottle or can of regular beer
A 5-ounce glass of wine
A one and 1/2 ounce of 80 proof distilled spirits (either straight or in a mixed drink).
A "beer belly" is caused by drinking beer.
A "beer belly" is caused by eating too much food. No beer or other alcohol beverage is necessary.
Switching between beer, wine and spirits will lead to intoxication more quickly than sticking to one type of alcohol beverage.
The level of blood alcohol content (BAC) is what determines sobriety or intoxication. Remember that a standard drink of beer, wine, or spirits contain equivalent amounts of alcohol. Alcohol is alcohol and a drink is a drink.
Drinking coffee will help a drunk person sober up.
Only time can sober up a person...not black coffee, cold showers, exercise, or any other common "cures." Alcohol leaves the body of virtually everyone at a constant rate of about .015 percent of blood alcohol content (BAC) per hour. Thus, a person with a BAC of .015 would be completely sober in an hour while a person with a BAC of ten times that (.15) would require 10 hours to become completely sober. This is true regardless of sex, age, weight, and similar factors.
Drinking long enough will cause a person to become alcoholic.
There is simply no scientific basis for this misperception, which appears to have its origin in temperance and prohibitionist ideology.
Drinking alcohol causes weight gain.
This is a very commonly believed myth, even among medical professionals, because alcohol has caloric value. However, extensive research around the world has found alcohol consumption be does not cause weight gain in men and is often associated with a small weight loss in women.
Alcohol stunts the growth of children and retards their development.
Scientific medical research does not support this old temperance scare tactic promoted by the Women's Christian Temperance Union, the Anti-Saloon League, the Prohibition Party, and similar groups.
Binge drinking is an epidemic problem on college campuses.
Binge drinking is clinically and commonly viewed as a period of extended intoxication lasting at least several days during which time the binger drops out of usual life activities. Few university students engage in such bingeing behavior. However, a number sometimes consume at least four drinks in day (or at least five for men). Although many of these young people may never even become intoxicated, they are branded as binge drinkers by some researchers. This practice deceptively inflates the number of apparent binge drinkers. In reality, the proportion of college students who drink continues to decline, as does the percentage of those who drink heavily.
Men and women of the same height and weight can drink the same.
Women are affected more rapidly because they tend to have a slightly higher proportion of fat to lean muscle tissue, thus concentrating alcohol a little more easily in their lower percentage of body water. They also have less of an enzyme (dehydrogenase) that metabolizes or breaks down alcohol, and hormonal changes during their menstrual cycle might also affect alcohol absorption to some degree.
A single sip of alcohol by a pregnant woman can cause her child to have fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).
Extensive medical research studying hundreds of thousands of women from around the world fails to find scientific evidence that light drinking, much less a sip of alcohol by an expectant mother, can cause fetal alcohol syndrome. Of course, the very safest choice would be to abstain during the period of gestation.
People who abstain from alcohol are "alcohol-free."
Every person produces alcohol normally in the body 24 hours each and every day from birth until death. Therefore, we always have alcohol in our bodies.
Alcohol abuse is an increasing problem among young people.
Heavy alcohol use among people in the US 17 years of age or younger actually dropped by an amazing two-thirds (65.9 percent) between 1985 and 1997, according to federal government research. The proportion of young people who consumed any alcohol within the previous month dropped from 50% to 19% in about the same period. Other federally funded research also documents the continuing decline in both drinking and drinking abuse among young people. Similarly, alcohol-related traffic injuries and fatalities among young people continue to drop. Deaths associated with young drinking drivers aged 16 to 24 decreased almost half (47%) in a recent 15-year period.
Top 10 Alcohol Consuming Countries
Portugal 2.98
Luxembourg 2.95
France 2.87
Hungary 2.66
Spain 2.66
Czech Republic 2.64
Denmark 2.61
Germany 2.50
Austria 2.50
Switzerland 2.43

People in the US are generally heavy consumers of alcohol.
The US isn't even among the top ten alcohol consuming countries. Top 10 Alcohol Consuming Countries on per capita Basis Country / Consumption in Gallons of absolute or pure alcohol: At a consumption rate of only 1.74 per person, the US falls far down at 32nd on the list.
The US has very lenient underage drinking laws.
The US has the most strict youth drinking laws in the Western world, including the highest minimum drinking age in the entire world. And this is buttressed by a public policy of Zero Tolerance.
Alcohol advertising increases drinking problems.
Hundreds of scientific research studies around the world have clearly demonstrated that alcohol advertising does not lead to increases in drinking abuse or drinking problems. Alcohol advertising continues because effective ads can increase a brand's share of the total market.
Bottles of tequila contain a worm.
There is no worm in tequila. It's in mescal, a spirit beverage distilled from a different plant. And it's not actually a worm, but a butterfly caterpillar (Hipopta Agavis) called a gurano.
People who can "hold their liquor" are to be envied.
People who can drink heavily without becoming intoxicated have probably developed a tolerance for alcohol, which can indicate the onset of dependency.
Many lives would be saved if everyone abstained from alcohol.
Some lives would be saved from accidents now caused by intoxication and from health problems caused by alcohol abuse. However, many other lives would be lost from increases in coronary heart disease. For example, estimates from 13 studies suggest that as many as 135,884 additional deaths would occur each year in the US from coronary heart disease alone because of abstinence.
Drunkenness and alcoholism are the same thing.
Many non-alcoholics on occasion become intoxicated or drunk. However, if they are not addicted to alcohol, they are not alcoholic. Of course, intoxication is never completely safe or risk-free and should be avoided. It is better either to abstain or to drink in moderation. While consuming alcohol sensibly is associated with better health and longer life, the abuse of alcohol is associated with many undesirable health outcomes.
Alcohol is the cause of alcoholism.
As a governmental alcohol agency has explained, "Alcohol no more causes alcoholism than sugar causes diabetes." The agency points out that if alcohol caused alcoholism then all drinkers would be alcoholics. In fact, a belief common among members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is that people are born alcoholic and are not caused to be alcoholic by alcohol or anything in their experience. They argue that many people are born and die alcoholic without ever having had a sip of alcohol. Of course, a person can't be a drinking or practicing alcoholic without alcohol.
Prohibition Problems
Unfortunately, prohibition leads to a number of alcohol and other problems such as death and disability from contaminated illegal alcohol, the growth of organized crime, an increase in heavy drinking when alcohol can be obtained, a serious loss of tax revenue, the discouragement of moderation in consumption, a widespread disrespect for the law, and many other social ills.

Even if it were somehow possible to prohibit the consumption of alcohol, people who have emotional or psychological problems and need a "crutch" would simply turn to the abuse of other, frequently illegal, substances.
If alcohol were less available there would be fewer alcoholics.
This is an idea that has been tested through prohibition in the US and a number of other countries. There is no association between the availability of alcohol and alcoholism.
College life leads to drinking by most students who enter as abstainers.
According to Federal statistics, most students arrive at college with prior drinking experience and te proportion of drinkers doesn't increase greatly during college.
Although not totally incorrect, but certainly not the whole truth, is the assertion that the younger children are when they have their first drink the more likely they are to experience drinking problems.
Generally speaking, people who on their own begin drinking either much earlier or much later than their peers begin are more likely to experience subsequent drinking problems. This appears to result from the fact that either behavior tends to reflect a tendency to be deviant. Therefore, delaying the age of first drink would not influence the incidence of drinking problems because it would not change the underlying predisposition to be deviant and to experience drinking problems. And, of course, children who are taught moderation by their parents are less likely to abuse alcohol or have drinking problems.

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